Interactive Medina: Poll Results

Kelly Elmore, Reporter

If you’ve been reading the Medinamite online this year, you’ve seen the polls that have been put up weekly. Maybe you’ve wondered what the results of all of these polls have been! Here’s a list of the results of the polls we’ve put up since the beginning of November. Our first poll of the year was in October, and the question was about Spirit Week participation. 5 people said they did not participate at all. 3 people participated in 1-2 days of Spirit Week. 1 person said they did 3-4 days, and 4 champs said they participated in all Spirit Week days.

Our next poll was asking if people were planning on going to Homecoming. 4 people said they would be going and 8 people said they would not be attending.  The next question we asked was about people’s favorite day of Spirit Week. Nobody said their favorite day was Vacation Day. 2 patriotic people said their favorite day was America Day. 3 people said their favorite day was Disney Day. Tacky Tourist Day was 4 people’s favorite, and 1 person said their favorite was Class Color Day.

In the poll asking people whether they were registered to vote or not, 31 people said they were not old enough to vote. 2 people said they were old enough, but hadn’t registered yet. 8 people said they had been registered to vote.  We asked our readers what holiday they celebrate and got 14 voters, and all of whom celebrate Christmas.

When the dreaded midterms were approaching, we asked if people have started studying for their tests yet. 7 people said yes, 3 people said no, and 5 people didn’t even know midterms were happening. Later, we asked again if people were ready for midterms once they got closer. No one said yes, 1 person said no, 3 people said they were kind of ready, and 2 people said “What? Midterms?”.

After we came back from winter break, we asked our readers if they had a good two weeks off. 2 people said their break was ok, and 6 people said they had a great winter break. What was your favorite poll? Comment below and tell us! We put up a new poll every week on the Medinamite Online if you want to participate by answering the questions and making your voice heard.