Big shoes to fill

Big shoes to fill

Jake Rogers, Staff Writer

From grandfather to father and  father to son, talent on the court has been passed down in the Teske family. At an early age, Jon Teske realized he was destined to be a great basketball player; he is continuing along the family basketball path.

As a first day freshman, Teske was already 6’9. He instantly stood out to coaches and, in his first year of high school, earned a spot on Medina’s varsity basketball team. Although his height allowed him to tower over other players, Teske was still timid and only weighed in at 185 lbs. On the court, Teske was guarding centers that had over a 30 pound difference on him. He only averaged 6.3 points a game his freshman year.

During the off season of his first year, Teske practiced his defensive skills and perfected his shot, preparing him for next season.

Teske entered his sophomore year 6’10, 210 lbs. During that season, he averaged 10 points a game with a blocking average of 2.8.

Players are rated around the country based on their basketball stats and athletic ability. Teske’s rating after his sophomore year boosted to 3 stars (out of 5).

Colleges around the country began to notice him. Scholarship offers came from Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Indiana and Dayton.

In August of 2014, the Teske family visited Michigan’s campus. They met the team and the coaching staff. He liked everything Michigan had to offer. He especially took a liking to the head coach, John Beilein, saying that “he’s a great coach and fun to be around.”

On the ride home, the Teske family talked it over; it was then that he made his decision to play for the Wolverines. That decision lifted a big burden off his shoulders. He was then able to enjoy his last two years of high school – the recruitment process was out of the way.

Teske is currently a junior and is now 7 feet tall. The last 7 foot center to play for Michigan was Ben Cronin who played back in 2007. Now that Teske is 235 pounds, he dominates the post, averaging 14 points a game, 12 rebounds and 5 blocks.“His confidence, his strength, his ability to take over the game is getting a lot better.” says Medina’s new head coach Chris Hassinger. Not only has he grown physically (3 inches, 50 pounds), but he has also matured from a timid player to an aggressive one.

When asked what makes a team in his eyes, Teske responded with, “Everyone coming together for one goal: To win.”

From the looks of it, he’s already on the road to filling his father’s shoes.