What’s Better: iPhone or Android?

Hannah Petrosky, Reporter

Technology has taken over the world. Almost everyone has some sort of device these days, whether it’s a phone, tablet, computer, or music player. Companies compete to be the very best, updating software and creating camera quality, not to mention the most important part about an update, new emojis of course! But which is truly the best? iPhone or Android?

According to Medina High School students, iOs is a better phone operating system than Android, winning 71 percent of the votes. Lauren Adkins, a sophomore at MHS, states, “I’m team iPhone because of the camera quality and the ability to FaceTime with people.” She also added, “iPhones still have issues of course, but I’m still team Apple.”

FaceTime is a big advantage to Apple users. Being able to talk to friends for hours and feeling like you both are actually hanging out is so much fun. I know I have spent hours chatting with my best friends, doing face masks and homework together. However, many people still disagree that the iPhone is better.

“My family has never used Apple products. Besides, they are far more complicated. Android is much easier,” sophomore Mackenzie Morrison stated. It is true that Apple products can be complicated. Getting a new phone and not knowing how to work it is not exactly the best thing, especially if you need to use your phone a lot for things like school or work. But once you learn how to use them, iPhones are actually quite simple.

“I’ve always had Apple and I got used to how it worked,” freshman Kellyn Flohr stated. “I was never interested in switching.” Like anything in life, once you learn how to do something, that task gets easier. Why would it be any different for a phone brand? But what about durability and battery life?

Sophomore Brian Dreifke stated that when he broke his iPhone he got a Samsung, which runs Android operating system, that is very durable. He also added that it is “Easy to use and the battery life difference is incredible.” High school students who use their phones often might want a phone that will hold up against time, not to mention the countless times you accidentally drop it. However, MHS still seems to favor iOS over Android.

“I tend to like iPhones more than Androids mostly because I have been exposed to Apple products my entire life,” Jimmy Fox, a sophomore here at MHS, stated. “I also like iPhones more than Androids because I find that iPhones are much easier to use than Androids.” Even though there is an argument for both sides, overall MHS prefers Apple phones to others. And while you’re on your phone, you should check out more articles on The Medinamite’s home page and follow us on Twitter @MHSMedinamite. Happy texting!