MHS Crew at the Q!


Meg Brady

MHS girls basketball team at the Q!

Taylor Weyandt and Meghan Brady

The girls basketball team for Medina High School had the amazing opportunity to play in the Quicken Loans Arena, or The Q, against Elyria High School on the 29th of January. As they played the game, they crushed the other team and ended up with the winning score of 63-14.

After getting their voices warmed up while cheering for the team that came before Medina, the freshman and junior varsity team sat in the audience and screamed their teammates’ names as they shot hoops over the waving hands of the Elyria girls. “Go Medina!” they all cheered.

As the game finished up, the team packed up, showered, and walked over to dinner at The Harry Buffalo, across the street from The Q. The varsity team was congratulated on their success and they chatted about how well they think they did over their meal. Hali Stough, a player on the freshman girls basketball team, said ‘The Cavs game was actually a day I’ll never forget- I’ve never been so close to the court, and it was a great experience!”

Furthermore, high from the victory over Elyria and the food just eaten, the girls basketball team was invited to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers as they faced the Washington Wizards. After running around Cleveland and the court, they finally enjoyed the game. After the general craziness of the day, the team got to relax, away from the tension that was built between the teammates during and before the game, and the tension of their opposing team. They watched as the Cavs kept hitting their shots in the hoop, and emerging victorious. The Cavs surpassed with a score of 116 over the Wizards’ 113.

As part of The Medinamite, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to travel alongside the girls and watch the professional team win!