Mr. Medina

Jared Delac bleeds green and white!

Jared Delac was awarded Mr. Medina, escorted by Zoe Williams

Karoline Balas

Jared Delac was awarded Mr. Medina, escorted by Zoe Williams

Tera Roberts, Staff Writer

Tera Roberts
Jared Delac interprets Bob Ross with a modern “Bird Box” twist.
Tera Roberts
The Mr. Medina Candidates dressed in costume.
Tera Roberts
Candidate, Drew Hassinger, also brought us back to the “Evolution of Dance”, a viral Youtube video many of us grew up watching.

On January 29, 2019, Medina High School presented our “Mr. Medina” assembly, celebrating the senior boy with the most spirit, and pride in their school. A senior boy who bleeds green and white, and is involved in helping the school become a better place for every student.

This year, the top five Mr. Medina candidates are as shown: Jared Delac, Drew Hassinger, Robert Olszewski, Kamren Kralovic and Alex Miller. These fives boys were asked to prepare a look for the fashion portion, a talent show act, a motivational speech and a costume reveal along with their student council escorts.

What is being Mr. Medina all about? When coming to the assembly, what are students to expect? Candidate, Robert Olszewski, elaborates on this, “I believe that Mr. Medina should be the most involved and caring man in our school’s community. I think students are to expect a showcase of talent and personality from each candidate,” Olszewski explained.

Olszewski started the assembly off with a one man magic act, grabbing the audience’s attention with his unicycle tricks and card shuffling. For the costume portion of the show, he came out dressed up as his favorite superhero, Spider-man. Robert leaped across the stage, with his escort Payton Cassel, dressed as his web.

After the magic act, candidate Alex Miller truly showed his vocal skills as he played a Panic at the Disco! piece on the piano and sang a cover. For his costume, Miller  incorporated everyone’s favorite childhood story book character, Waldo, as he hid in the audience and his escort Caitlyn Edwards had to find him.

Remember the Chubby Bunny Challenge? Candidate Kamren Kralovic brought this challenge back into our lives with his own take on a classical ballet recital, as his escort stopped him every so often to stuff his face with marshmallows. Impressively, he fit multiple marshmallows in his mouth, while keeping that true ballerina poise and grace. Kralovic takes on his final form during the costume portion as he struts out dressed like Steve Urkel, his true spirit animal.

Candidate Drew Hassinger also brought us back to the “Evolution of Dance”, a viral Youtube video many of us grew up watching. He stood in the middle of the stage, spotlight on him, and blew us away with his rendition of this video.

He nailed each dance move, leaving the crowd in an uproar. For his costume, Hassinger brought the holly jolly spirit back. Dressed as Elf from the beloved Christmas movie, he skipped around the stage with his escort Claire Leupp who finished the look as a perfectly wrapped present.

When asked about the importance of Mr. Medina, Drew responded with his opinion on why he chose to participate in it.

“I want to show how important it is to have school spirit and to create a positive environment,” explained Hassinger.

Last but not least, was candidate Jared Delac. For his talent, he dressed as his “role model”, Bob Ross. He gave Bob Ross a more modern twist by combining it with the hit new movie, “Bird Box”, where blindfolds play a huge role. His escort, Zoe Williams, proceeded to blindfold him as he painted away. Jared flipped the canvas around to reveal a beautiful sunset landscape.

For Delac’s costume, he decided to go for the dynamic duo from the movie that gave us a soft-spot for the villians in a video game, Disney’s Wreck It Ralph. With Jared playing the role as Ralph and Zoe as “Fix-It Felix”, the pair posed on stage as their best impersonation of the two, receiving the most applause from the audience.

In the end, MHS elected Delac as our 2019 Mr. Medina. It would seem he truly bleeds green and white.

Karoline Balas
Jared Delac was awarded Mr. Medina, escorted by Zoe Williams