Pollen and Dust and Allergies, oh my!

Reilley Banning, Junior Editor

As spring rolls around, something creeps up with that warm weather: allergies! While everyone gets excited for warmer temperatures and summer, we often forget about the sneezing and the snuffling caused by all that pollen in the air. Well here’s the dish on spring allergies so you can be better prepared for when the flowers bloom and you start to go achoo.

According to Dr.Oz the beloved doctor turned tv show host, there are a few foods that can help fight that springtime discomfort. Those foods include grapes, apples, Wheat Bran, hot tea, salmon, spicy foods, and milk. Foods like apples have anti-inflammatory properties in their peels, that can definitely help with breaking through your allergies. Hot tea pretty much works the same for allergies and being sick, it opens up your nasal passages and allows you to breathe even for a little bit.  

Katrina Barnes goes the natural route when clearing up her allergy symptoms. “Lemon and Ginger tea! It’s the best thing for clearing sinuses ever,” she stated.

Now that you may know a few natural ways to help fight your allergies, let’s find out what really causes allergies. The easy answer is pollen; everything is blooming and coming back to life after a long winter. With all that pollen in the air it’s easy for your body to react in some way. In some places you can even see the pollen floating around which really would make you sneeze.

Actually, your body thinks of the pollen, if you’re allergic, kind of like a common cold. It sends antibodies to attack the virus, so that’s why you feel like you might have a cold in the springtime when you really know that it’s allergies. No matter how bad you feel at least it’s not a cold.

“What seems to help me is green tea with some honey, and also having an air purifier around is essential,” stated Iliana Mendez.

But you are not alone, more than 6.1 million Americans are affected by indoor/ outdoor allergies. If all other methods fail, there are always shots you can get from your doctor to help relieve your seasonal allergies. If your allergies do get really bad, talk to a doctor. Only you and your trusted medical professional can decide what route is best for you to take to alleviate these symptoms.