Caffeine Addiction

Emma Davis, Senior Editor

There is a reason so many citizens love coffee, practically everywhere you can visit sells it, and many individuals drink it on a regular basis. According to Reuters, “The number of Americans drinking a daily cup of coffee is at the highest level since 2012.” This is easy to observe simply sitting through your first period classes, where (teacher permitting) many students bring their beverage of choice.

I wondered about the coffee habits of our student body, and thus I set out to interview our fellow students! Sophomore Josh Batke drinks coffee, but does not feel he is addicted. Curious as to the opinion of the student body, I first asked Batke why he thinks so many people drink coffee on a regular basis.

He responded, “Because it wakes them up and keeps them energized.” Certainly this seemed to be the general consensus among the rest of my interviewees, as shall be seen throughout the article. Another general consensus that Batke first brought up, is that iced coffee is the superior coffee over hot. Almost all students agreed upon this.

Furthermore, sophomore Ashley Eckstine wished to impart her own caffeinated wisdom on our MHS Staff, along with junior Gabby Jackson and freshman Mackenzie Feeks. Eckstine and Jackson do not feel they are addicted, whilst Feeks declared definitively that she is without a doubt addicted.

Jackson explained she takes it with a lot of sugar, and typically drinks it cold, much like the other students I interviewed who prefer iced coffee to a regular steaming cup of joe. Eckstine confessed the reason she drinks coffee is to “keep me awake in school,” while Jackson replied similarly, stating “to not fall asleep.”

All three proclaimed that iced coffee is the best form of coffee by far, a sentiment shared by the student body according to my interviews. Overall, what I discovered about our MHS caffeine addiction is that iced coffee is the main fuel of our caffeine addiction as students.