Jazz Bands of MHS

Zizi Toth, Copy Editor

Suave tunes and jazzy beats fills the PAC, energizing the seated audience during the Medina High School jazz band concert. People watch and listen in awe to the many different instruments produce upbeat pieces, each one played by a talented band member.

On Thursday, Feb 7, MHS held a jazz band concert in the Performing Arts Center. Both middle school and high school jazz bands played in the concert, with the middle schoolers beginning the concert, and Stardusters finishing.

Sitting in the audience, I was captivated by all the outstanding music. A personal favorite piece of mine was Mambo Italiano played by Stardusters. It made me smile and took my breath away!

Anya Laribee said her favorite was The Incredibles piece. “I just loved that the way that the Stardusters played the iconic music!” she explained.

Students from all in-school bands joined Jazz Ensemble and Stardusters, which both rehearse after school hours. Why do they join? Because it’s so much fun, for one thing!

“It’s a very fun experience, you talk to a lot of people and most importantly you enjoy the music you perform,” describes Mia Vela, who plays tenor sax in Jazz Ensemble. She also explained that she joined on impulse, she loves jazz music, and she wanted to improve her skills with her instrument.

Jazz band concerts are different than regular band concerts. One difference is the setup of the musicians. At a jazz concert, they are arranged in straight rows facing the audience, with percussion instruments directly to the left of the other players (if you are facing the stage).

Another reason why jazz concerts are different is because they “are more heartfelt than regular concerts. You can really feel the music whenever bands begin to perform,” stated Vela. She said there is a “home feel” to jazz concerts because there are not as many people performing the music, as in a regular concert.

Overall, Laribee loved the performance. “All the students are so talented and are excited to be there,” she explained. This really added to the excitement of the performance and the care that went into it.

“While performing, I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed playing these pieces,” stated Vela, even though she admitted she was slightly nervous.

If I could say one thing about the jazz concert, it is that our school has many talented musicians who love what they do. It was amazing to see them show us their skills and all their hard work. Never stop making music, Medina!