Medina County Library Teen Art Show

Many Medina students are very talented when it comes to being creative. A select number of students’ artwork from the district were showcased in the Medina County Library Teen Art Show. They have been left up in local stores around the Square for the entire month of March to be viewed by the public.

On March 20, students whose artwork was on the Square were invited to attend an art show that included all of their submitted pieces. Mrs. Foy, an art teacher here at MHS, explained what the show was all about.

“This art show is for students grades six through twelve; every school in Medina County was invited and the artwork will be up until the end of March,” she stated. Foy said that Medina High School has about fifty pieces in the show.

Foy also stated she was drawn to the pieces done by older students because she “likes to see the skill level.” She was very excited to attend the show, and is proud of all of her students who entered their artwork.

Sophomore Emma Stobbs was one of the high schoolers honored in the show. Being showcased on the Square was really cool. It was so awesome to have some of my work displayed along with other amazing artists,” she stated.

A variety of artwork was displayed throughout the month of March, including many different mediums. Everything from pencil drawings to paintings to photography was showcased. Stobbs chose acrylic paint for her piece since that’s her “prefered medium.”

Many students had a hard time picking a piece to be seen around the Square, since many of the artists had multiple pieces they were considering. Stobbs chose a piece she made here at school! Stobbs stated, “For our project in Painting I, we had to come up with a twist of a famous painting. I thought it would be fun to include my dog in a rendition of ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring.’”

The real question is, why submit a piece at all? Why have the city of Medina critique your hard work? Well, many artists love critiques to push them to improve. Stobbs agrees that critiques are a good thing, saying, “Having feedback from others really helps me improve myself in art. [The art show] was a great learning experience.”

Art is truly more than just the end product. As Stobbs stated, art is a learning experience! Art is an escape from stress! Art is an outlet for creativity! Stobbs added, “Art is a way to express yourself in ways that maybe words cannot. It’s a freedom knowing art has no limits or boundaries. “

Although the art was only viewable for the month of March, you can view some of the pieces throughout this article, or ask a participant to see their work.

Hannah Petrosky
Photo of Art Show
Kelly Elmore
View some of the art from the show! 
Hannah Petrosky
More pictures of artwork!
Hannah Petrosky
And even more art!
Hannah Petrosky
“Light in the Darkness” by Hannah Petrosky
Hannah Petrosky
“Pooch with the Pearl Earring” made by Emma Stobbs