Easter Traditions of MHS

Zizi Toth , Copy Editor

Our long Easter weekend is coming up, and MHS will definitely be busy! Here are some ways our students will celebrate, and what plans they have.

Just the word “Easter” might provoke thoughts and memories of Easter eggs and egg hunts. This is a popular activity to do around Easter.

“I remember the first time I got to help hide the Easter eggs for my younger siblings,” sophomore Abigail Gehman recalled. “It was fun to find places to hide them. One time we even hid one in a bird nest!”

Speaking of eggs, they are a great food to eat for this holiday. Gehmen’s family has deviled eggs, in addition to rolls, peeps, and jelly beans. Freshman Emily Brand also eats hard boiled eggs, fresh kielbasa, sweet bread pastries, and lamb butter. Sounds delicious!

Brand’s food is “all blessed the day before,” she explained, when her family goes to church. After church, they meet their neighbors at Sully’s on the Square for lunch. On Easter Sunday, she then visits her aunt.

Another tradition that Gehman has is going to church early Sunday morning. She also goes to her aunt’s house for lunch after church.

Gehman even remembers a skit that was played at her church one time. “We had a walk through Easter…where there was Jesus riding on a donkey, the last supper, the garden, cross, and tomb,” she described.

Many fun memories are also made on Easter!

Brand’s favorite memory was when she was little and went to her papa’s house. “He would surprise us with gifts,” stated Brand.

The skit put on at Gehman’s church was her personal favorite memory.

My own favorite memory from Easter was about three years ago, when my sister hid eggs for an Easter egg hunt for my siblings and I. When we found all the eggs, we sat down and opened them. We were pretty disappointed at what we discovered– my sister hid things like olives and fritos in the eggs. It turned out to be very humorous and one of the funniest things to happen to us on Easter!

Gehman’s cousins are coming in from Pennsylvania for Easter this year in addition to visiting her aunt’s house.

Easter weekend is going to be a blast! Happy Easter, Medina!