Summer Hair Color Trends

Iris Paterson, Reporter

It’s already 4th quarter, which means summer break is coming up fast! Many students like to switch up their look for the hot summer months, so they dye their hair! Most colors aren’t permanent and are pretty easy to switch up, making it easy to go back to a more natural color for school if they wish.

Some students are only allowed to color their hair over spring break, so what trendy color should they choose? According to, the #1 hair color trend for 2019 is faded pastels.

Almost any color can be made pastel, and are bound to look stunning this summer. Although pastel colors are harder to achieve, requiring a very pale, almost-platinum base, and with some patience it’s definitely possible to do at home.  So, what colors are MHS students dying their hair this summer?

Sophomore Emma Speer has colored her hair many times with many colors. Her hair has been pink, purple, blue, and a few others. She has stuck with blonde and her natural roots natural roots for a few years now.  She doesn’t plan on changing it for summer, but she has been thinking about dying it burgundy. When asked what her favorite hair color is to see on others, she said that “it depends on the person.”

Another person who often dyes their hair is Charlie Fox. Their hair has been sunset colors, purple, raspberry, red, and is now black and purple. Fox dyes their hair “whenever it fades, and [when] I have enough dye, too.” When asked what their favorite hair color is, they responded, “For myself? I really liked the red that I had last summer. For others? I think half-and-half hair is super cool.”

Fox has no idea if they will dye their hair for the summer; they haven’t planned that far ahead, but they might just re-dye it black and purple. Are you planning on dying your hair for the summer? What are your favorite hair colors? Let us know at The Medinamite!