March is bringing out the madness in students (Update)

March is bringing out the madness in students (Update)

Nate Walker , Staff Writer

**Update: Click here for updated brackets and times for all the madness.

The NCAA’s yearly playoff, March Madness, takes over a basketball fanatic’s March. A student’s school life is upended once March rolls around.

Usually, at the beginning of March, most students focus on starting out the fourth quarter strong, but some students are only concerned with their basketball brackets.

Once that due date comes closer, the pressure to pick the right teams is heavier.Every year, students in Medina High school participate in the March Madness activities and make brackets predicting the winner of the tournament.

Some students try and go for the perfect bracket while competing against other, but those darn 14th seeded teams always end up upsetting those two or three seeded teams in the round of 64.As a point of reference, ESPN 2015 total brackets numbered 11.57 million entries.

In conclusion, as they headed into the round of 32, there were no more perfect brackets.