• Congrats to Girls Lacrosse for moving on in the tournament with their last second victory against Olentangy!

  • Congrats to Boys Baseball for winning Districts!



General Information

Q. How long has The Medinamite been around?

The Medinamite was established in 1941. Spring of 2015 marked the beginning of the online edition. Spring of 2017 marked the return of the print edition. 

Q. What can I expect to see on The Medinamite?

The website is a combination of journalistic stories, news updates, and entertainment centered around MHS culture. 

Q. Who updates The Medinamite/How often is The Medinamite updated?

MHS students make up the staff, and manage the content and layout of The Medinamite. It’s updated daily with new information ranging from stories, sports scores, announcements and more. 


Writing Style

Q. Does The Medinamite follow MLA or AP style?

Overall, The Medinamite follows AP style (common guidelines used in news writing) and tries to remain consistent. Therefore certain grammar rules (such as capitalizing all nouns in a title, the use of the Oxford Comma, etc.) do not apply when writing in AP Style.



Q. How can I contact The Medinamite with potential story topics?

Adviser Kelly Kriner can be contacted at [email protected] .

Q. How can I become involved in The Medinamite?

The Medinamite (also known as Journalism/News Production) is a year-round elective at MHS. Students must sign up for this class through the registration process. Introduction to Journalism is a prerequisite to be eligible or apply to the teacher. 

Q. Can I follow The Medinamite on any social media platforms?

On Twitter @MHSMedinamite , we tweet whenever a new story is published.