• Have a great summer!

  • For more information about the trip to Peru, see Senora Hildreth or Senora Komar for details!

  • AP Political Science summer work is posted in Blackboard under the MHS Student page.

  • All athletes participating in Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Wrestling, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball and Softball. The Cleveland Clinic will be hosting a concussion baseline testing event at Medina High School on Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

Connor Mutnansky
I am Connor Mutnansky, I’m a Senior and this is my first year on The Medinamite as a staff writer. I vary in what I spend my time on at Medina High School. I'm mood dependent on everything on I do whether it is it's going for a run in nice weather or trying to figure out something for the weekend. In the fall, I go to football and hibernate waiting for the big yellow to hand me some Vitamin D. In the springtime, you can see me on the side of the track throwing Shot or Discus. By the end of this year, I hope to donate as much time as I can to improve myself for years to come as well putting in an effort for this paper and this school year to make as many memories as possible.

Connor Mutnansky, Staff Writer

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