Tom Likosar
Greetings! My name is Tom Likosar. I am one of the newest staff writers on The Medinamite, and this is my second year attending Medina High School. Naturally, my life has been consumed with my passion for writing. This interest has been dated back to a time where any free time I had was filled with my nose in a book. The dozens of books I read, and with my love for film, inspired me to pick up a pencil and write anything that came out to mind. From comic books, short stories, and film scripts, someday I was destined to live the dream and use my creativity for millions of people. I plan to study filmmaking at NYU. While I’m here at the high school I hope you enjoy what I write, and I’m glad I get to be a part of The Medinamite.

Tom Likosar, Staff Writer

May 11, 2017
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Mar 07, 2017
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Dec 07, 2016
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Oct 11, 2016
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Sep 28, 2016
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Sep 09, 2016
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Sep 02, 2016
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Tom Likosar